Quiz question

Connect the following –

  2. Christian Goldbach, Emmanuel Kant, David Hilbert

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  1. surabhi says:

    1st pic – Woody Allen – full name – Allen Stewart Konigsberg.
    2nd pic – Euler – Konigsberg Bridge Problem that was to lay down the foundations of Graph Theory.
    3rd pic – The Bridge Itself passing over the river Pregel.
    4. Goldbach , Kant – emminent people from the City.
    Hilbert – married a woman who came from this city.

  2. sanket says:

    Yes, thereabouts. Nice wikipedia effort. Good show, nonetheless. Let me just finish it off anyway. The big connection is Woody Allen’s last name — Konigsberg. Leonhard Euler saw the bridges on the river pregel (pregolya) and eventually developed the Konigsberg bridge problem, which marked the beginning of graph theory. The 3rd picture is a section of the river pregel flowing through the city of Konigsberg. I am not sure if the bridges in the picture are the original bridges that inspired Euler. I included them just to indicate some bridges. Konigsberg was a very vibrant city with a lot of big people coming out of it including the mathematician Goldbach and the philosopher Kant. Hilbert not only married “Käthe Jerosch (1864–1945), ‘the daughter of a Konigsberg merchant, an outspoken young lady with an independence of mind that matched his own'”, he was at the Konigsberg university for 9 years before moving to Gottingen.

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